Friday, January 14, 2011


Learning and Knowledge Analytics ’11 MOOC
So if Dave Cormier thinks he’s a slacker, then what would he think of me?
Though I’ve constantly had little Gremlins of Blog Entries (GBE) occupy my mind– [and all along YOU thought GBE was either GigaBit Ethernet, or the grub of the raffia-palm tree beetle that is eaten raw, dried or pickled in palm oil!] -- I’ve not been successful at capturing any of the slippery things yet and nailing them to the page, and here it is already early Friday morning!  So let me take a quick stab – but just know I’ll only be capture a small piece of a few of them.

Loved Dave’s explanation of a MOOC.  So helpful.  I’m excited that a course on this topic is being offered in this format, and hope to see more in the future!  Learning Analytics seems to have so much potential, and yet so little coverage and progress.  I guess that’s why the word nascent is so often associated with the field (is it even old enough to be a field, yet?)  I’m also fascinated with MOOCs – and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Dave’s other explanatory videos about MOOCs here and here.

If you're interested in participating in the course - join the google group, you'll be glad you did!   

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